A Comedian Speaks His Mind

14 Nov

My first post to this blog is going to be an e-mail I received (not exclusively, mind you) from a friend who happens to be a professional comedian. Some of you may know him or have heard him. His name is Ken Zavara. I couldn’t possibly give his full resume, but it includes both personal appearances at real venues with other great comedians and radio. His latest gig is his own program on WIND 560AM  in Chicago called ‘Fly by Night’ that will air Saturdays from midnight until 1:00 a.m. beginning December 2nd. In his e-mail, Ken expressed his, and our shared frustration with the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election. I have had the honor and pleasure to meet several great comedians through our friendship with Ken Zavara, and one thing I have discovered is that their profession really requires them to be some of the most observant people that mankind has produced. Without further adieu, Ken Zavara…

To my friends,
Four years ago when we lost the election to Barack Obama I wrote a letter to all of you expressing my opinions as to why and what I thought that we had to do to overcome our loss. Tonight was an enormous shock to me, because tonight we lost the Presidency, the Senate and in the process our country.  Four years ago I asked my friends if they thought that the Republicans were winning the war of ideology and nobody answered or I thought, could answer.  It was at that moment that I thought we all knew and didn’t want to say.  The truth is that I sensed that we were losing the cultural and ideological war to a world that we no longer understood.  It is though the new meaning of the word Conservative or Republican is synonymous with the “world that used to be, but no longer is.” There is nothing to say about tonight’s election except the realization has set in that we have not only lost our country, but the political war and our party.   We lost our country to “flash and glitter” and woke to the realization that substance is a thing of the past.  We have lost to a President whom we should have drubbed in this election.  We lost to a cult of personality. We lost to a man whose main credit was that he was “our first black president,” but a president who has produced nothing while playing the pied piper, playing his flute while leading America over a cliff.
Barack Obama’s record should have done him in, but why didn’t it?  The country ignored huge unemployment numbers,ultra-high minority unemployment numbers, a horrendous healthcare plan, 50% of the public on food stamps, a deficit that is killing us, the killing of four Americans in Benghazi and a gun running operation in Mexico, a man who has said that he will impose higher taxes that will strangle all of the achievers and even better, continue to raid Medicare to support his healthcare plan.  Obama will now pass Obamacare with no opposition, this will also go bankrupt, he will rule as a dictator in forcing Catholic hospitals to perform abortions against their will, he will lead our country to a diminished role in the world and undermine our sovereignty to the United Nations, He will elect more radical Supreme Court justices who will systematically trash what has made this country great. He will kill our economy by imposing capital gains taxes on the very people who support the country’s economic infrastructure. He will convince the under achievers that the rich are taking their money just like Lenin, Trotsky and Engels did so well. Divide and conquer, well done comrade! Blacks and minorities who have lived under Democrats in rotted out urban areas still vote for the very people who keep them poor, enslaved and ignorant. The same party that enslaved them under Lester Maddox and George Wallace, the Democratic Party. The same party who ignores the political “hucksterism” of the Reverend Jesse Jackson and the other Reverend, Al Sharpton and happily buys their mutual deliverance into perpetual poverty.and victimization. The same party that calls all Republicans racist.
Those who can’t see what happened to this country tonight do not want to see.  They are the cynical accomplices in the dismantling of a great nation.  They have fallen prey to a smooth talker and buried their heads in the sand. The ignorant and naive who do not understand that wolves enter the chicken house in sheep’s clothing.  Obama exists under the guise of a smooth talking savior who refuses to accept responsibility for his own failures and four years into his presidency, continues to blame his predecessor for his economic blunders and lack of vision.
Those who took the time to study this man should have seen it, but never studied enough. His mentor was
Saul Alynsky who wrote a book called “Rules for Radicals.” Alynsky dedicated the book to Satan.
He hung out with William Ayers, a man who bombed our capital. His pastor was a racist who preached hatred against America and everything that we stood for. He “Goddamned America” and said “our chickens had come home to roost.” On that he was right, tonight they have.
Obama successfully initiated a war of divide and conquer and divided people amongst race and class.
He condemned the rich and the achievers while expressing a desire to accumulate their money, as if he himself were above the frey, as if he himself wasn’t rich!
What shocks me the most is how our Republican leaders miscalculated the numbers so badly!  Our internal polling told us that the Democrats weren’t going to show up, so how could they have been so wrong? We were going to win Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio and Virginia, it was a done deal! Hey, maybe even Colorado and Michigan!! We lost them all!
Mitt, you would have been great if you had only mentioned Libya.  It was at this moment that you went into “McCain mode” and made like a turtle, going into your shell.  Too bad we’ll never know ya! You could have been a contender!!
When you have a media that turns a blind eye to all Presidential mischief and frailty, the new racial demographics of the country, weak candidates who don’t know how to fight, and a Republican establishment that produces the likes of Bob Dole, John McCain and now Mitt Romney and a lawless government you know that the country is done. When you have a President and government who gets away with everything from denying that they knew that terrorism killed four Americans in Benghazi, to getting away with running guns with impunity to Mexican drug gangs you know that the country is done. When a Vice President laughs and openly mocks his opponent in a debate and is not called on his astonishing lack of class by a media that looks away, or when a President tells you he didn’t know that Benghazi was terror  while he watched it on TV, you knoow the country is done.. Obama and the victors of this campaign have become elitist criminals, who while wanting to give women choice in their reproductive rights, have taken away the rights of US citizens to choose their healthcare and Catholics to choose not to be forced to provide contraception or abortions in their hospitals.  The duped and guilt ridden masses elected him only on the “color of his skin, not the content of his character” to quote a brilliant civil rights leader.
I guess we should ask the question has God abandoned us or have we abandoned God?  What has our nation done to deserve this? Maybe what we’ve done is take God out of schools, pledge no allegiance to a flag, ignored a Constitution, and replaced it all with a man made morality-“a so-called higher morality.” Maybe we’ve dumbed down our population feeding them a steady diet of American idol and Howard Stern while denying them even a third grade education.
So what now? I can only hope that things get better, but my guess is that we have only begun to see the decline. How can things get better when we are spending ourselves into oblivion?  I truly believe that the people who supported this man are either incredibly naive as to what comes next, or willing and gleeful accomplices to the destruction of this country.  Tonight the America that we have known stopped existing.  Colorado and Washington have legalized the sale of Marijuana, weren’t we stupid enough?  We are now a European Socialist country who is heading on a collision course with the same economic results of Greece, a bankrupt socialist disaster.  Medicare, the Post Office, Amtrak , Social Security and now the entire United States budget have shown us what government largesse produces. Plus, we are a shiftless lazy society with 49% per cent of our population on food stamps.  Funny, I am a comedian for a living, but I have never felt more sad in my life. Goodbye America, it was great to know you!!
Ken Sevara
November 6, 2012-The end of a great nation.

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22 Nov

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